Modélisation du sommeil,projet international avec IASH

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    7 Novembre 2008
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    What makes a great night’s sleep?
    What manner of sleep is the most rejuvenating?
    Want to find out?

    The IASH Healthy Sleep Project
    A Worldwide NLP Research Project

    Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith and Tim Hallbom are excited to announce the first worldwide modeling project for IASH: What makes a great night’s sleep?

    Want to learn more?
    Visit the Healthy Sleep Project Discussion Area!

    To join the project
    First login to the web site. (Click here for details about free site registration.)
    After you login and update your site profile, you'll see a link here for signing on with the Sleep Project.

    Teams already forming in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Israel, Japan, Holland, New Zealand, Norway and accross the USA.

    Une équipe en europe va être crée, qui est intéressé,

    *** Pour voir ce lien, enregistrez vous ***