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Theory, and Why It's Time Psychology Got One

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"Psychology has a problem. We have no core theory to guide our research; no analogue to the theories of evolution or relativity. When particle physicists recently found that some neutrinos had apparently travelled faster than light, it never actually occurred to them that this is what had happened. On the basis of the extraordinarily well supported theory of relativity, everyone went 'huh, that's weird - I wonder what we did wrong?', and proceeded to use that theory to generate hypotheses they could then test. It would take a lot of fast neutrinos to disprove relativity.

Psychology, though, when faced with an empirical result that violates the laws of physics, can't find any principled reason to reject the result and instead spends a lot of time squabbling about whether Bem's result might possibly be true because 'quantum'. Worse, when people do replicate the experiment and fail to support the original result, they can't get their 'null result' published. It's a bit embarrassing, really."

Leo Lavoie

Il y a des théories mais qui dépendent d'un paramètre qui vient souvent tout chambarder. Il s'agit de la complexité de l'individu...Encore plus complexe si l'individu est dans la conscience spirituelle. Mais ce n'est pas pour rien que l'on dit que c'est une science inexacte.

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